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Carmichael Dave was born and raised in....well....Carmichael, CA. When the Sacramento Kings arrived when he was 9 years old, he had already known what he wanted to do with his life: Be a lazy bastard on the radio. He started out as a caller to KHTK when he was 14, and worked his way up to station intern, sports anchor, and finally show host.

After hosting The Carmichael Dave show evenings, he joined Don Geronimo in the morning slot, and split time between that and his own midday show. Actually, Dave pretty much hosted every time slot on that station.
Then they fired him.

Rather than pick up and move to another city, especially with work left to be done on the Kings arena front (of which Dave is a pretty major activist), he decided to risk his family and health and form The CD Networks.

So enjoy the programming put out for you, because if you don't, Dave's 4 and 3 year old children will most likely die of starvation.

No pressure.

The CD Networks are thrilled to have broadcast veteran Sean Salisbury join Dave each weekday at 10am.
Sean not only brings an athlete's perspective to the network, having been an NFL quarterback for over a decade, but an unmatched passion for all things sports and beyond. As a longtime analyst for ESPN, Sean finely tuned his broadcasting skills once his NFL career ended, and became one of the (if not THE) most respected football voice in the country.
Teaming up with Dave to provide the flagship program of CDNet, listeners will be treated to an unfiltered and unflinching look at not only the world of sports, but life in general. To put it simply, Sean Salisbury has a voice that needs to be heard.

Sean Thomas has worked in Sacramento radio for 10 years, three of which working with Dave as his Producer and Co-Host on the Carmichael Dave show 9-Midnight.
Despite a messy separation between Sean and CBS radio under dubious circumstances (Pattern?) he remained in continuous contact with Dave in the hopes of one day being able to reunite with his partner from days gone past.
Sean is thrilled to once form the dynamic duo with Dave as not only his nightly Co-Host, but also as Vice President (Sup, Ladies) and Chief Creative Orchestrator of The CDNetworks.
He invites you to come on in, stay a while, and listen.

Lafayette Azevedo is the website designer that jumped on board with Dave when he was figuring out what to do next. The day Dave left (that's how I put it) KHTK he was suprised and thought the same thing Dave did, internet radio is next.

A long time listener that has experience in internet radio, he got a hold of Dave to see if he needed some help and the rest is history, TheCDNetworks.

Lafayette is also the co-host of  an online podcast and a rap/hip-hop artist by the name of Emcee Nutso,, check it out.

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