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How to Listen to CD NET

1. Live Radio

- The Website always plays LIVE RADIO, all the shows and music are live 24/7.

2. iTunes

- You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by looking up CDNET or clicking subscribe on the site (upper right above the LIVE RADIO player on the home page) along with the podcast tab. You can also download the Podcast app supplied by Apple and look up CDNET.

3. Tunein Radio and Stitcher Radio Mobile App

- Download the Tunein/Stitcher Radio app on your mobile device and look up CDNET along with CD NET (one word on Tunein and two words on Stitcher) and you can listen at all times LIVE and even the podcasts (on Tunein).

4. Podbean (Android app)

- Click on the PODCAST tab on the page and listen right there through Podbean and even subscribe if you'd like to listen through Podbean.

- If you're an ANDROID user and would like an app for your phone, you can download it for a small fee of $1.99 to listen to the yuck's that Dave provides. Look up CD NET in your Google Play Marketplace and you'll be the talk of the town with your non-iPhone friends.

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