Welcome to THE CDNet donation page, where we turn into REAL whores.

Listen, its like PBS, but less quality. So help out if you can.

Each Friday following the Dave and Sean Uncensored show, we will be running announcements. These can be anything from a hello to a loved one, to an announcement of a party. Yes marriage proposals are ok. No, you can't use crazy hateful racial language. But this isn't regular radio, so you can pretty much say whatever.

During the week, we will also run random announcements in our programming. So stay on the lookout, and remember: Its cheap!!

Just call the station at 855-456-DAVE, and press 2 for "Announcements". Leave your 30 second message (we'll give you a break plus or minus a couple) and then wait to hear yourself on the air later on. Want 60 seconds? 4 minutes? Whatever.....

Be creative. Your voice, sound clips, whatever it is (as long as its legal) we'll play it. Just no crazy vulgarity.

Say hello to a loved one OR....

If you're shy or would rather us do it for you, send an email to announcements@TheCDNetworks.com with your script and full name so we can track your pledge.
$20 for a :30 second spot.

And please: read what you write out, and make sure its around 30 seconds long. We can talk fast, but not that fast. Hit the donation button, and then follow up with the email to announcements@TheCDNetworks.com.

Thanks for listening, and for getting off your wallet.